Shelsley Walsh 2018

  • Shelsley Walsh
    23rd June 2018
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Shelsley Passenger
    23rd June 2018
    12:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Shelsley Dinner
    23rd June 2018
    7:00 pm - 11:55 pm
Terms and Conditions of Sale
  1. You accept that the organisers of the event have the right to photograph and/or film the event. Therefore, images of you or your property may appear on our websites, social media or in associated literature without your prior consent.
  2. By booking and participating in the event you agree to ensure that your vehicle is fit for purpose, mechanically sound and safe.
  3. By booking and participating in the event you agree that you have read and will abide by the important safety information below.
  4. Cancellation Policy – the payment is non-refundable unless your place can be resold.
  5. It is a requirement of the Club’s Public Liability Insurance that all individuals driving the Hill are members of WSCC; therefore, non-members ticket price includes a £2.00 one day membership fee.
Important Safety Information
  1. This is a FUN DRIVE DAY not a Timed Competitive Event.
  2. Cars will not be formally scrutineered but any vehicle deemed not to be in a suitable condition to drive the hill will not be released until the identified problem has been adequately corrected.
  3. This is a FUN Celebration Event and we want it to be a memorable day for all concerned. It is up to all drivers to ensure their car is of a suitable roadworthy condition and it, and its passengers, will not come to any harm while going up and down the hill.
  4. We hope to see as many different types and specifications of Westfields on the hill as possible, as well as welcoming other makes of vehicles owned by Members to drive the hill.
  5. Drivers are strongly advised to walk the hill on either Friday evening, or early Saturday morning, to familiarise themselves with the layout of the course particularly the different banking and turning points (a copy of the course driving guide will be available at the venue).
  6. Crash Helmets (correctly done up) are required for all drivers and passengers who want to drive the hill. A limited number of adult sized helmets are available for hire at the venue on the day.
  7. Children from the age of eight upwards are allowed as passengers in the cars but must wear a suitably fitting crash helmet for their age! (Child Helmets are not available for hire).
  8. While on the hill ALL LIMBS (including hands) must be fully covered.
  9. Crash helmets, seat belts, gloves and clothing covering arms and legs must be worn at all times while on the hill including the return convoy runs back to the paddock.
  10. Unlimited runs will be available on the hill all day in controlled batches as directed by the Paddock Stewards throughout the day.
  11. No loose items (that may cause injury or distract the driver) are allowed inside the car while it is anywhere on the hill.
  12. All drivers must show a valid UK Drivers Licence when signing on at the beginning of the day.
  13. Please remember this is a Private Venue Fun Driving Day and that the WSCC are liable for any damage caused to the Shelsley Walsh facilities.
  14. The WSCC reserves the right to recover the cost of repair of any damage to the Shelsley Walsh facilities that has been caused by any person or vehicle taking part in the Fun Day, however caused.
  15. Please drive safely and within your experience and capabilities. The WSCC does not provide insurance for your vehicle, passengers or belongings. Please check with you own insurer if you have any questions concerning your own insurance coverage.
  16. Dogs are welcome at the venue but must remain in the Orchard Camping/Parking area and must be on a lead at all times when not inside a parked vehicle.
  • In order for the Club’s insurances to be valid and to afford you limited cover, those taking part in this event must be WSCC members, therefore a small fee is added which covers WSCC membership for the weekend.*

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